Business Intelligence for Corporate Travel


Client is a US based corporate travel management company helping large companies with a business presence across the globe, and have their hundreds of employees travel for business around the globe. To manage the business trips, and related travel bookings and hotel arrangements, they tied up with this client of ours who has expertise in managing travel plans.


Corporate Travel is a large expenditure and complex to manage and track. Employees travel to multiple destinations both remote and urban and use mutiple godes of transport Corporate Travel manager found it challenging to manage employee travels, budgets compliance and safety of their employees as they are required to provide data and reports to their clients so they can track all this information. Travel Management company is expected to generate this data from multiple sources and apply complex business rules to derive meaningful insights that can be consumed by their clients corporate travel managers.


We developed a comprehensive data management and analytics solution. It aggregated global data from diverse Points of Sale (POS) systems such as Amadeus, Galileo, and Saber, incorporating varied formats, time zones, currencies, and systems into a centralized warehouse.* We also provided rich and deep insights into travel costs, purchases and multiple modes of transport by different geographies. Understand yearly trends on spends, budget management Tracked advance purchases versus last moment purchases, change in travel plans and other compliances to understand money being lost due to these factors at the granular level. Provided insights into trips across the globe breaking by different modes of transports, geographies and online vs offline bookings. Real time tracking was done of trips and world events for safety of employees and risk mitigation. The solution provided was created using PowerBI, SQL Server, SSIS and R.


Client was able to reduce non-compliant bookings, last minute bookings resulting in huge savings. Analysis of offline versus online bookings enabled better planning of travel desk resources. They could mitigate risks to their employees and make changes to their travel itineraries due to real time tracking of trips and world events.


Customer was able to track trends and travel plans across multiple geographical regions and nelp plan resource and budget allocations accordingly. Client was able to gain insights into popular travel destinations and could manage the travel plans better resulting in money saving.

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