Application Development

We provide algorithmic and programming solutions for your requirements in diverse languages Java, C++, Python targeting Linux, Windows, Android . We excel in UI/UX development using modern graphical frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS, JQuery etc. We have decades of software development experience in domains such as Big Data, Semiconductor, Mobile. Our software applications routinely make use of distributed computing, multi-threading and help process terabytes of workloads on-prem and on cloud.


Big Data Processing

We help build optimized data pipelines for ETL, BI and ML workloads. Our expertise in Big Data tools like Spark, Hadoop, Hive and Presto helps in creating cost-effective high performance solutions for variety of data-processing needs. We are proficient in handling terabytes of data and help select right databases (PostGres, MemSQL, MySQL, Mongo, Dynamo etc.) and/or data warehouses (RedShift, Synapse, Big Query, Cloudera etc.) for diverse customer requirements. Our customers routinely see 30-40% of TCO savings when we help them customize tools and databases specific to their needs.


Cloud Ops

Journey from on-prem to cloud can be very daunting, especially, with plethora of choices available. Our expertise in public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba, Huawei) helps in providing right guidance based on customer’s storage, processing and cost requirements. We help customers in their migration from on-prem storage and processing to cloud based storage and processing. Resource and storage sizing is done with performance and cost in mind. Data processing pipelines are recreated based on best available tools on the cloud.

Electronic Design Automation

We are leveraging our software development and hardware design skills to help build chip-design products for our customers. We have in-depth understanding of HDLs (Verilog/VHDL) and other inputs (UPF, LEF, DEF, SPEF, .sdc, .lib etc.) needed for chip-design flows. We help with UI development (Tcl/Tk, Python, Qt etc.) and all other productization needs (database, log/message framework etc.) of a chip-design product. Our knowledge of High Level Synthesis, RTL synthesis, Placement, Routing, Power Analysis/Optimization is utilized to build novel solutions for customer products.